Work with me to guide and support you to your healthiest life, where your vigour for life is enhanced and your happiness and fulfillment are the focus.


Sign up for a free 10-minute Discovery call with me. I will walk you through what to expect and make sure you’re in the right place.

I offer personalised nutrition and lifestyle coaching for people who would like to:

**If you are pregnant/ lactating or wanting to lose weight post-partum I could also work with you for 1 month or 3 months depending on your health goals.

My coaching programs are personally conducted by me as a Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, and I specialise in using Plant-based nutrition combined with key elements from Natural Hygiene and other holistic practices to restore health and upgrade well-being.

My programs are meant to guide you on how to fuel your body with wholesome foods, to make the lifestyle changes needed to reach your desired goal as well as self-care practices which will enhance your physical and emotional well-being.

Let me show you how!


2,000 1 Hour
  • Nutritional guidance – A personalised nutrition plan
  • An Ebook full of recipes for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner
  • 7 day sampler menu planner
  • 1 X 60 minutes


8,000 1 Month
  • Nutritional guidance – A personalised nutrition plan
  • An Ebook full of recipes for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner
  • 7 day sampler menu planner
  • 1 X 60 minutes + 2 X 10 minutes + 1 X 30 minutes
  • FREE maintenance plan with long term recommendations


20,000 3 Months
  • Nutritional guidance – A personalised nutrition plan
  • An Ebook full of recipes for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner
  • 7 day sampler menu planner
  • 1 X 60 minutes + 6 X 30 minutes
  • FREE maintenance plan with long term recommendations
  • FREE access to 2 E-Learning Programs
  • DIY 3-day juice cleanse program
Meet Martin Lukas

CEO, Founder of Lukas & co.

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Go through the various programs (REFRESH, RESTORE & RENEW) available. Choose the one that matches your needs/ health goal the most. If you are not sure what program to sign up for you can also book a free 10-minute discovery call and then we can decide on the program you need to be on.

Please bear in mind it usually takes at least 2 -3 months to significantly see changes in body composition, inch & fat loss, and to get well established in the habits and lifestyle needed to keep it sustainable and also for it to become 2nd nature for you.


  • Fill in Client Information and consent form for Vinita to understand and analyse your level of health, case history, lifestyle, food habits etc.

  • Submit the Essential Blood Reports (not older than 2 months) OR New blood tests will need to be done as per the list in next tab.

  • Go through the Medical & Legal Disclaimer as well as the Payment Notice before you make a payment.

  • Make an online payment and register for the program. You can also make a bank transfer. Email on [email protected] to get bank details

  • Set up the time for your 1st appointment at a mutually convenient time for you and Vinita.

You will have your first in-person appointment (in case you are not based in Mumbai or India, the first appointment can be done via Zoom or Whatsapp Video call) with Vinita. A roadmap will be created to your health, taking into account your current health condition/ issue, blood test results, lifestyle, food habits, health goals etc.

In subsequent sessions, Vinita will use holistic techniques to achieve your goal, focusing on diet, exercise and lifestyle.

She will track your weekly progress, through email/ Whatsapp (at predetermined times and suggest changes to your nutrition, exercise plan and lifestyle based on your progress and capacity. Vinita will respond to queries/ doubts via email or during your follow up sessions with her.

Please note: Coaching sessions and all the guidance given during the sessions are not a substitute for medical advice.

In case you have already registered for a program before speaking to me, I might alter the program depending on what I think will be best suited for you based on your conditions and goals. Note: Please fill the Client Information form before the call.

You can gift a nutrition consultation to your loved/near ones – so that they start living their best lives yet.

They will be given a detailed understanding of the pillars of our approach which is a whole food plant-based diet. They will be given a basic diet plan and general guidelines in terms of the nutrition and directed to resources that will help them get started on the right track.

Gift consultation sessions comprise of a single 1-hour in-person nutrition consultation with Vinita Contractor.

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What people are saying
Vinita is a wonderful human. So kind and understanding. She really has patience to reply to my 100 questions but you know what the answers I got were not just satisfactory, she makes sure I understand the reason behind every method she incorporates in my diet. I've learned so much about the benefits of eating raw veggies. It's helped my digestion, my energy levels and also my skin looks clean and fresh. The unique thing about this diet is that there is absolutely zero use of any kind of oil. Now I don't see myself going back to any other form of cooking. It honestly is amazing. I am happy and so is my gut!
Ahana Deol Vohra
I have really understood food and its intake because of your Vinita. My journey with you began with a juice cleanse program and which was just the beginning of getting my health back on track. Not only have you understood my lifestyle but you have made an effort to know me personally and recommended me to eat clean yet delicious meals. Thanks Vinita! I have not only lost weight but I feel very energetic and beautiful both inside out.
Alka Sharma
I have been curious about adopting a plant based diet for a while now, but coming from a culture where meat was a must have in a meal, I had no idea where to start. Meeting Vinita at one of her amazing workshops have showed me that it is much easier to adopt that lifestyle using a lot of substitutes for the things I thought I couldn't live without (and without compromising my deep love for food!). She is always available to answer questions, provide support and share her knowledge and her network whenever needed! I cannot recommend her enough! I am very grateful for all the new knowledge I have learnt so far.
Myra Johnson
When I met Vinita, I was struggling with my weight and a few health concerns as well. Her positivity and unique approach made me realise that I feel very happy and energetic. Eating plant- based food makes me feel lighter and better. In fact I realised that I had so many options to choose from and whether I was at home or on a vacation there were so many food options. I got compliments for not only for looking fitter but also for my radiating skin- which happened because Vinita gave me the right advice to eat right.
Smriti Pujara