It’s been a while since I have shared about Ayurveda. There is a lot of interest now in Ayurveda and alternative therapies as a way to educate oneself as well as to fortify one’s health. ⠀

☘️Being in the space of health and nutrition and being old school (in most things), my search to learn our very own Science of life, Ayurveda led me to Kerala to study Ayurveda diet in 2018. Since then I have studied it further and used it to understand my body as well as use it to understand my client’s state of health as well. I love to share! ⠀

So this Sunday I would like to bring to you, Ayurveda and what is very much relevant to us in the modern setting.


Here are the details:⠀

🔅Basic Principles of Ayurveda⠀
🔅The 5 elements ⠀
🔅Dosha characteristics & how to know they are aggravated or balanced.⠀
🔅Prakriti test- Determine your dosha⠀
🔅6 tastes as per Ayurveda⠀
🔅Spices and foods for respective Doshas⠀
🔅Concept of Tridoshic foods⠀
🔅Incompatible foods⠀
🔅Causes of Ama⠀
🔅Daily Ayurvedic routine⠀
🔅Rules of Ayurveda for Modern Living⠀
🔅1 special balancing recipe with a live demo.⠀