Indian Super Foods Class-Ayurveda meets Plant-Based

In this interesting class get to know of some of the underrated but very nutritious Indian Super foods which seem to be forgotten with so many new super foods from the all over the world flooding our market and being tauted as the next best thing.

Learn to make traditional as well as contemporary dishes from these humble ingredients which are not just great for your health but light on the pocket too. Ayurvedic medicinal/ nutritive values of these Super Foods will also be discussed.


*Menu subject to change

Duration : 3 Hours

The Menu :

  • Winter fruits & Moringa Smoothie
  • Beetgreens Pesto and crackers
  • Gooseberry & Sweet Potato Patty
  • Power packed Paratha with water cress seeds
  • Mixed veggies with Lotus Seeds in Cashew gravy
  • Basil Seeds Strawberry pudding
  • Ashwagandha cookies
  • Jackfruit in Malvani Gravy


We will be making 8 dishes ( 1 with each one of the super foods)