Eating a plant-based diet is one of the best choices you can make for your health, but vegans, vegetarians as well non-vegetarians often have a lot of questions and concerns about nutrition. We often hear questions such as:
How much plant-based protein do I really need to stay healthy?
Do I need to take dietary supplements to get certain vitamins or nutrients?
Can being on a plant-based diet actually help with diabetes, cholesterol, and other lifestyle related conditions?
Trying to find answers to these types of questions can be extremely frustrating. Conflicting answers and misinformation have led to confusion for many plant-based eaters.


This workshop will cover:
  • What is a plant-based diet?
  • How is it different from a vegan lifestyle?
  • Busting myths
  • Health benefits of being on a plant-based diet.
  • Special focus areas to ensure adequate nutrition
  • 5 practical steps to start off