Since ancient times, Satvic foods have been considered an important element of a nutritious diet and a balanced state of being. Satvic foods are foods that are abundant in Prana – the universal life-force that gives life to all sentient beings in both plant and animal kingdoms.

A Satvic diet means consuming vegetarian food like organic fresh fruits and vegetables. It means avoiding canned food, and food containing chemical fertilizers, and consuming fresh foods that are prepared in a particular manner preserving all the nutrients in them. It also means preparing foods with lots of love to add to their Satvic quality.

In short, Satvic food is food that is prepared with less cooking and processing time, and is yet fresh, light, tasty and healthy.


The menu :

  • Banana Stem juice
  • Ridge gourd peel chutney
  • Snake gourd salad
  • Beetroot salad
  • Sweet potato bhaji
  • Horsegram curry
  • Spinach Kofta curry
  • Millet raw banana roti
  • Lauki Kheer
  • Hi protein laddoos


*Menu Subject to change