I have understood my relationship with food because of you, Vinita. My journey with you began with a juice cleanse program and which was just the beginning of getting my health back on track. Not only have you understood my lifestyle but you have made an effort to know me personally and recommended me to eat clean yet delicious meals. Thanks Vinita! I have not only lost weight but I feel very energetic and beautiful both inside out.

Alka Sharma

Media professional, Mumbai

   My wife and I lead a very hectic life because of our professional commitments. Because of excessive stress we started binging a lot and realised we are gaining a lot of weight. Someone at my office recommended me to go to Vinita. After meeting her, I have realised that eating healthy is so doable and simple. In fact, eating consciously, in the right quantity and at the right time has helped me and my wife regain strength and remain fit. Vinita is an excellent nutritional coach and she knows her stuff.

Mayank Desai

HR Professional, Delhi

We want to support and lead you to your healthiest life...

In this course you will learn to make your favourite delights in a dairy free avatar by following easy to follow instructional videos.

A juice cleanse is a program where you consume only juiced vegetables and fruit for a fixed period of time.

Our workshops are fun and interactive, and involve live cooking and food tasting.They are about rediscovering nutrition.

  I have been curious about adopting a plant based diet for a while now, but coming from a culture where meat was a must have in a meal, I had no idea where to start. Meeting Vinita at one of her amazing workshops have showed me that it is much easier to adopt that lifestyle using a lot of substitutes for the things I thought I couldn't live without (and without compromising my deep love for food!). Her passion and commitment to people who want to adopt a plant based diet, whether for health or environmental reasons is tireless. She is always available to answer questions, provide support and share her knowledge and her network whenever needed! I cannot recommend her enough! I am very grateful for all the new knowledge I have learnt so far.

Myra Johnson

Marathon runner and Pilates Instructor, Mumbai