Hi! I am Vinita Contractor and I am a Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach based in Mumbai. I find that being healthy and living a full life is something we are all entitled to, are the very things that have become exceedingly difficult. This is partly due to our lifestyles and partly due to too much information and confusion about what is desirable.

I wanted to offer a solution which is simple, pocket- friendly in the long run as well as sustainable for life. I am passionate about empowering people with the knowledge and tools and enabling them to make smart choices for themselves. Being an ideal body size, weight or looking good on the outside is what most of us want but it comes from working from inside out. Achieving and maintaining optimal health is not just about calories and weight loss. It encompasses a lot more. From gut health to eating right to including lifestyle practices which help people feel and function better so they make better choices and form supporting habits.

I am here to guide you to a healthy lifestyle through nutritious plant- based food and a nature synced lifestyle. I do this primarily through in- person and online Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching, workshops as well as offering DIY online programs and the recently founded The Leaf e-academy which will make healthy eating and cooking accessible to everyone.

I founded Down 2 Hearth, a health transformation and nutrition coaching company in 2016 and since then been working with clients from all walks of life to upgrade their health quotient (weight loss, digestive, hormonal, lifestyle issues etc. ) and conducted over 200 workshops  & webinars (in-person & online) on various topics AyurVegan, Fermented foods, Raw foods, Plant based cooking, Baking, Sprouting etc. in Mumbai, other cities in India as well as in Singapore, Bali, Indonesia and in the UK.

I also have a YouTube Channel which offers informative videos as well as recipe videos to support all those who would like to adopt this lifestyle.

Learning is an incessant process for me and I have successfully completed:


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Happiest when taking a walk in the mountains or eating an organic home-cooked meal with my family. I am married to my best friend and my biggest supporter, and we love travelling with our two sons and being out surrounded by nature! And now, we also spend time in our farm.