A juice cleanse is a program where you consume only juiced vegetables and fruit for a fixed period of time. In this juice cleanse, you will nourish your body with 6 daily juices which will cleanse as well as provide you with the essential nutrients for 3 days and end each day with a filling salad. You will be surprised at yourself once you actually start and find it very doable. You will be provided with all the guidance, recipes, and support you need.

You can do this juice cleanse over 3 days from the comfort of your home. Pick 3 consecutive days that work for you the most. Most prefer doing it Friday to Sunday but choose what works for you. Avoid exceptionally busy, long, or active days or days when you are unwell.


Via email you will be provided with:

  • guidelines
  • recipes
  • shopping list
  • tips
  • a daily video

Shopping list and recipes will be sent to you upon registration. The daily juice cleanse emails will begin after a day’s gap so you can organise yourself and procure the fresh produce needed as per the shopping list.

Here are some of the benefits of a juice cleanse :

  • weight- loss
  • detoxification
  • more energy
  • rest to the digestive system
  • immune system rejuvenation
  • reduced inflammation
  • reduced sugar cravings
  • provides the body with easily-absorbed nutrients
  • increased beneficial gut bacteria
  • improved general well-being.


Who is the juice cleanse NOT suitable for:

  • Elderly people, those with compromised immune systems
  • People with major health conditions
  • Pregnant women
  • Nursing mothers
  • Athletes or very active people. Fasting can impair recovery and performance due to under fueling your body. If you want to do a juice cleanse, take those days off from physical activity.
  • People with SIBO or other gut dysbiosis issues.
  • Children
  • People who have blood sugar regulation issues, as during the juice cleanse, we are consuming high levels of glucose, fructose, and carbohydrates without fat, fiber, or protein to slow its absorption into the bloodstream.